3M Clear Bra Film

Your 1-piece 3M paint protection (Clear Bra) film installation & removal specialist in Colorado.

Paint protection in Colorado and the Denver Metro area is a necessity! We can cover any bumper, hood, or fender with 3M Clear Bra in one piece! We can even cover your entire car and make it look seamless. A 3M Clear Bra will keep your original paint protected underneath without compromising the look of your car.

When it comes to automotive clear bra, 3M Clear Bra is top of the line, and Extreme Autoworks is where you want to go! Clear bra is the best way to protect your investment from paint chips, dings, scratches,rusting and pitting. We are known to go above and beyond our customers expectations, which is why we do work for the Stevinson Group, the Medved Group, Prestige Porsche & Audi, and many more. Not only are we certified 3M clear bra car installers, we also teach others how to install 3M clear bra. We are not students, we are teachers!

Here at Extreme Autoworks we have mastered the technique of covering a bumper in one continuous piece with the clear car bra, as opposed to several pieces spliced together. We give the customer maximum coverage and the best quality clear bra installation in Colorado.

When it comes to having clear bra installed on your vehicle there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind, for instance, the clear bra material is only a small part of the job. If you don’t have a good installer even the best film will turn out bad but here at Extreme Autoworks you don’t have to worry. We are all clear bra certified for car installation. We also offer a limited lifetime warranty against any workmanship. Our certified clear bra installers have over 20 years experience in the automotive industry and have worked on over 40,000 cars. We use the latest techniques offering no exposed edge, which makes the paint protection film virtually invisible. You get a clean crisp professional customized look with no jagged edges. For a minimal extra charge you can have the hood and fenders wrapped verses the car bra being trimmed for that added coverage and protection.

Extreme Autoworks has a few different packages for you to choose from, and we have a ton of extras you can add for maximum coverage of your car. All of the 3m clear bra material is warrantied through the manufacture against peeling, bubbling, delaminating, and fading.

  1. Basic Package: This covers the front part of your hood only.
  2. Standard Package: This covers the front part of your hood, sides of both your fenders, and the two front door cups.
  3. Deluxe Package: This covers the front part of the hood, both sides of your fenders, the back of your mirrors, your two front headlights, and all of your side door cups.
  4. Extreme Package: This covers the front part of the hood, both sides of your fenders, the back of your mirrors, two front headlights, fog lights, the A-pillars (located on the side of your windshield), all of your side door cups and the full front bumper from wheel well to wheel well (One Piece). The big difference on the extreme package is your front bumper is also covered in this package. Also, don’t forget to add the top part of your rear bumper or the front piece of your roof if it is not protected, for an additional cost.

    NOTE: In these packages you are able to pick what size clear bra you want on your hood a 12”, 18”, 24” or 36”. What those sizes mean is that the clear bra starts at the bottom part of your hood and goes towards the windshield. We then match your fender line to the hood length you choose. Now if you are the person that says, “I can’t stand knowing that there is a line across the hood and fenders” then, this next package is just for you. You need the Ultimate Extreme package!
  5. Ultimate Extreme Package: This package covers the full hood in one piece. There is NO seam line across the hood. We also cover the fenders in one piece, the full bumper from wheel well to wheel well (ONE PIECE), mirrors, A-pillars, headlights, full rocker panels, top of rear bumper, spoiler, roof and two front door cups.

    If that is not enough then just have us do the full car!

    You can also customize your own package. Pick and choose the parts of the car you want to protected and Extreme Autoworks will make it happen for you.

    Clear bra is a very specific and personal choice which is we always recommend bringing the car in to Extreme Autoworks so that we can go over everything with you in person to be sure you are getting the coverage you want and expect.