Automobile Window Tinting

Because the Colorado sun shines year round, automobile window tinting is an important part of life here. Because there’s a different between windows tints and the quality of work from other shops varies, be informed before you buy. Come see our tint demo in person just minutes from downtown Denver.

When looking for automobile window tinting for your car, Extreme Autoworks is the ONLY place to go. We use only the best film for your car, including Huper Optik. It is the only window tint film to ever be recognized in Popular Science Magazine. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines put Huper Optik films on over 1 million square feet of their ship’s windows! We are the premiere Authorized Huper Optik Dealer in Colorado.

Hand cutting will often scratch your glass or rubber seals. We computer cut our window tint to match your windows, so we reduce the possibility of damage.

At Extreme Autoworks we have a proprietary method of leaving no line or seam at the top of the window. Ask your sales representative for more information. This makes the glass tinting look like it came from a factory. We are one of the only tint shops that know how to do factory edging. Contact us for more info!

How can I find out about the UV Index?

To Find out what the UV damage is for each day click here on UV index to best protect you and your family each day.

We guarantee that your car will look the way you wanted it to look, giving you a custom, slick look for your car. At Extreme Autoworks we have perfected the art and technique of installing a back window in one full-uncut piece. This eliminates the hideous white line you see on poorly tinted cars. Our installation team is constantly re-training, trying to perfect even our perfect windows. It’s our goal to be the best in the business. We only use high end films with warranty options from 2 year to lifetime depending on your wants and needs. We have a fascinating heat demo at our shop and we will be more than willing to help you make a decision you will be happy with.

Automobile Window Tinting

How does it work?

You need to know a few things about automobile window tinting as well. First of all, not all window tints are the same. Come in and see the difference between all types of window tint for yourself because, At Extreme Autoworks, our tints will meet and exceed any desired look you might have for your vehicle. We take great pride in all of our work from beginning to end and guarantee that your vehicle will not leave our establishment until all work is completed to our high standards, providing a quality job you can be proud of.

The window tint process takes about three hours, depending on the tint you choose. Higher-end dual-layer ceramic films take longer to install and, depending on the vehicle, can take a full day. We clean every possible area to prevent any dirt or debris from ending up in the window tint. We protect the door panels so there will be no soapy residue left when the job is complete. Other tint shops often care only about your money, and not about the quality of the job. You really care about your car and the quality of your tint, so head over to Extreme Autoworks. We will give you the first class treatment you expect. In conclusion, we’re the best in the business!

Window Tint

We offer only high end window tint here at Extreme Autoworks. We offer a variety of films from color stable dyes, carbon, single layer ceramic and dual layer ceramic tints to meet all of our customers needs. These films can do more than just give the appearance of tint. They also offer UV protection, heat and glare reduction to help with the harmful rays we deal with every day here in Colorado.  Come in today to view our demonstration first hand and to see why not all films are created equal and not all films look the same either. 

Huper Optik Window Tint

Not all window tints are created equal! Extreme Autoworks carries nothing but the best film in the industry, Huper Optik. Huper Optik window tint is in a class of its own, as it was originally designed by NASA for its spaceships. Huper Optik is a ceramic non-dyed tint. When looking for automobile window tinting that provides all the features of other tints, but can block up to 70% of the heat on a sunny day and is not dark, then you have come to the right place.

Window Tint FAQ

What are your terms and conditions for tint installation?
You can find our terms and conditions here.

I just had my windows tinted and now it’s all hazy what do I do? Is that normal?
The haziness is normal, because haziness occurs from moisture trapped between the glass and the film. We try to squeegee as much of the water out we can but there’s always some left behind. Do not try to poke or pierce the bubble, leave it in the sun and the heat will evaporate it away. This “drying” process will take up to 30 days to dry, depending on the film you choose.

I just had Huper Optik installed and my windows look wet and bubbly still what do I do?
This is normal, so do not pierce or move the bubble at all! The moisture is just water trapped in between the glass and the film. The drying process can take as much as 90 days. Because Huper Optic is an ultra-high-end film, it immediately begins to deflect the sun’s heat after installation. Unlike traditional films, Huper Optic will not absorb the heat but instead deflects it. This creates longer dry times. To accelerate the dry time, try leaving the vehicle in the direct sunlight until all water bubbles evaporate.

Does the automobile window tinting film go on the outside of the car?
No, in some cases we have to heat-shrink the film to fit the glass on the outside first, then the automobile window tinting film is installed on the inside of the window ensuring you get a perfect custom fitted tint for your car.

Why do I see cars with purple tint and all have huge bubbles?
Cheap films turn purple. Improper care of the film will also turn purple. Any ammonia based products used on the actual film itself will break down the layers of film causing it to fade and turn purple. As a result, Extreme Autoworks only uses window films that have warranties for bubbling, peeling, fading and de-lamination. 

Can I wash my car right after I get my car tinted?
Yes, because the film is on the inside you can wash your car right after you get the film installed. Be careful when washing the inside of the window until the “dry time” (30 days) has been met, as the film is still wet. Any significant pressure can move or cause the film to slide.

Can I roll down my windows right away?
Because rolling down your windows can pull on the tint, wait 3-4 days in 70+ degree weather to roll down your windows. Since tint cures faster in warmer weather, wait four to five days to roll down your windows in cooler weather.

How long does it take to tint my windows?
Window tinting can be a lengthy process, the overall time frame for a window tint job will depend on the size of the car but with traditional film the average time will be 2 hours to a full day. For our Huper Optiks window film line, we ask to keep the car for a full day. With the technology of Huper Optiks film line, install times are considerably increased. With the increased difficulty we will spend more time to get the window perfect, so your tint will look clean and clear the first time.

How long does it take for window tint to cure?
The amount of time needed for window tint to cure will vary depending on what type of film is used, as well as the temperatures the car is exposed to. With our standard window films, we have noticed that our curing periods will range from 2 weeks to 30 days. If the car is parked outside in the direct sun, curing times will be greatly reduced. When Huper Optiks window film is applied, the high amount of heat rejection will work against the curing process, which slows down the curing time and can take up to 3 months to fully cure.

When can I clean my windows after they’re tinted, and what should I use?
Wait two weeks to clean the inside of the windows after tinting. When you are ready to clean the glass, use a “tint safe” or ammonia free solution. Do not use any windex, bleach, ammonia, newspapers, vinegar, or other harsh chemicals. Tint safe cleaners or soapy water are ideal for window tint cleaning.

What warranties do you offer for tints?
Depending on the type of film that you purchase your warranty will vary. On the baseline film, you will have a 2 year warranty against peeling, bubbling, and fading only. On the Quartz, radiant, and all Huper Optik’s lines you will receive a full limited lifetime warranty against peeling, bubbling, fading, and an optional limited no fault scratch warranty for an additional cost.

What is a “color stable dye” window tint?
A color stable dye window film is a multi-ply window film, which uses dyes to get the charcoal look you see on all factory SUVs with smoked glass. The dye product will offer a small amount of heat rejection, but it is primarily designed for looks. The color stable dye offers 99% UV protection and is the choice film for all dealerships.

What is a semi-metalized window tint?
A semi-metalized window tint is designed for heat rejection and glare reduction. The film contains aluminum to get the heat rejection aspect to the tint. The amount of metal that is added is so small that it will not interfere with any radio reception or cause any type of cell phone disruption. Semi-metalized films will have a charcoal look to the windows, they will not look chrome or metallic in any way.

What is a fully-metalized window tint?
A fully metalized window film is an older stye tint that is starting to become less popular in the automotive industry. Fully metalized window tints will cause interference with cell phones and radios because of the amount of aluminum in the construction of the tint. A fully metalized window film will offer large amounts of heat rejection, but the downfall of the film is that the window will appear like a chrome mirror.

What is a ceramic window film?
Ceramic film is the highest quality of window tint film, and also the most expensive. It contains neither metal, dye, nor carbon, but instead a kind of ceramic particle that is both nonconductive and nonmetallic.

What restrictions does Colorado place on vehicle window tint?

  • Only the top 4 inches of the windshield may be tinted.
  • All tints must let in at least 27% of light.
  • Tints may not have a metallic or mirrored appearance, and may not be red in color.
  • Both side mirrors are required if the back window is tinted.
  • Manufacturer certification is not required.
  • Legal tint identification stickers are recommended, but not required.

How hard is it to remove window tint?
Window tint is generally easy to remove, but it depends on the window and the quality of the tint. If your tint is purple or bubbled, the removal time may double. As well as this, rear windows will generally take longer than side windows due to the attached heating elements.

How easily does window tint scratch?
The final layer of any window tint is a scratch-resistant coating that will prevent scratches from dust and dirt buildup. However, sharp objects such as car keys may still scratch the tint.

What will the tint look like after its been installed on my car?
Different tints will look different on different cars. The standard look is a charcoal color with your choice of darkness, but we also offer metallic tints and tints in various colors to fit your desired appearance.

How can window tint protect me in the event of an accident?
Window tint will offer an additional barrier between you and the glass. When tint fully cures, it bonds to the glass and strengthens the glass itself. If anything is shot or thrown at the glass, the tint will hold the glass in place, preventing the glass from breaking. If the glass does shatter, the tint holds all of the broken pieces in place, preventing anything from falling and cutting you or any passengers you may have in the car.

Automobile Window Tinting Automobile Window Tinting