Chip Repair

Many chips in your windshield can be repaired, the option for repair will be determined by the size of the chip, the amount of damage that was caused, and the location of the chip. Extreme Autoworks can repair most chips that are the size of a quarter. Extreme Autoworks can even repair cracks that span up to 12″ but all chips are different and will need to be inspected by Extreme Autoworks before repairs are quoted. 

The loction of the chip is also important, if a chip is located on the edge of the glass it will need to be repaired as fast as possible. Chips that are located on the edge of glass will have higher stress and can spread faster than a chip that is located in the center of the glass. Not all chips are recommended to be repaired, in some cases a new piece of glass is recommened because 30% of the roof support comes from the windshield. 

Windshield Chip

In most cases chips can be repaired with minimal to, no trace of the chip. Extreme Autoworks will inject a special resin, That resin will fill the chip and all of the cracks that are caused by any type of rock or stone chip. After the special resin in injected into the chip pressure is applied to the glass working the resin deeper into all of the cracks. When the resin fills the chip, it is cured with a special uv light that causes the resin to harden and cure. After the curing process the excess resin is scraped away and the chip is polished to have a clear look, in most cases chip repair will hold and never crack further. No chip can ever be fully repaired it is always recommended to replace any chipped glass. Every chip is different and will need to be examined by Extreme Autoworks chip repair expert.

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