Clear Bra

Looking to have a Clear Bra installed on your vehicle? If so then Extreme Autoworks is the place for you!

A Clear Bra is the best way to protect your investment from paint chips, dings, scratches, rusting and pitting. A quality Clear Bra protects your original paint without compromising the look of your car. We go above and beyond our customers expectations. That’s why we do work for the Stevinson Group, the Medved Group, Prestige Porsche & Audi, Harley Davidson and many more. Not only are we certified Clear Bra car installers, we also teach others how to install Clear Bras. We are not students, we are teachers! Contact us with questions.

We offer a full line of paint protection systems to protect your vehicle from Colorado’s harsh environment. We specialize in custom Clear Bra installation and can cover anything from the front door handles to the full vehicle, we can install Clear Bras on any areas you need covered. Some people say that because a bumper is plastic it wont need to be covered and that it won’t chip, but that’s not true. The bumper is the one painted section that needs it the most! The bumper takes most of the damage, especially here in Colorado. We are one of the few shops in the country that can install bumpers and other specific areas with one seamless piece of Clear Bra material. You can watch some of our Clear Bra installations projects on our YouTube page.

Clear Bra in Denver

Come in today. Tell us about your car or truck, and let us get you the coverage and protection you need.

Clear Bra in Lakewood

Clear Bra Options

  1. Basic Package: Covers the front part of your hood only.
  2. Standard Package: Covers the front part of your hood, sides of both your fenders, and the two front door cups.
  3. Deluxe Package: Covers the front part of the hood, both sides of your fenders, your two front headlights, and all four of your side door cups.
  4. Extreme Package: Covers the front part of the hood, both sides of your fenders, the back of your mirrors, two front headlights, fog lights, all four of your side door cups and the full front bumper from wheel well to wheel well (One Piece). The big difference on the Extreme Package is that your front bumper is also covered. Also, don’t forget to add the top part of your rear bumper or the front piece of your roof if it is not protected, for an additional cost.
    * NOTE: You can pick your Clear Bra’s size, from 12”, 18”, 24”, or 36”. These sizes indicate how far the Clear Bra extends from the bottom of your hood toward the windshield. We then match your fender line to the hood length you choose. If you can’t stand knowing that there is a line across the hood and fenders, then you need the Ultimate Extreme package!
  5. Silver Extreme Package: Covers the full hood in one piece (there is NO seam line across the hood). We also cover half the fenders on each side, the full bumper from wheel well to wheel well (ONE PIECE), mirrors, headlights, fog lights and all 4-door cups.
  6. Gold Extreme Package: Covers the full hood in one piece (there is NO seam line across the hood). We also cover the FULL fenders on each side, the full bumper from wheel well to wheel well (ONE PIECE), mirrors, headlights, fog lights and all 4-door cups.
  7. Platinum Extreme Package: If that is not enough, then just have us do the full car!  Please come in with the vehicle to go over options and pricing.

More Options
You can also customize your own package. Pick and choose the parts of the car you want to protected and Extreme Autoworks will make it happen for you.

Clear Bra is a very specific and personal choice. We recommend you bringing the car in to the shop so we can show you all of the options that will best fit your needs, that way, we can go over everything with you in person. We want to be sure you’re getting the coverage you want and expect.

Clear Bra in Golden

Clear Bra FAQ

What are your terms and conditions for clear bra installation?
You can find our terms and conditions here.

How does clear bra work?
Clear bra is designed to absorb and reflect any type of object. One of the multiple layers of clear bra is the energy absorbing layer that will soften the impact of stone and rocks on the paint. Clear bra is applied with two different types of solutions, the solutions will help in getting maximum coverage. Clear bra will prevent any type of stone and rock damage. Its ideal for colorado winters and even days at the race track. Clear bra is designed to install clear so after the install you should not be able to tell there is clear bra on your car.

What do i need to cover on my car?
When you are choosing clear bra coverage options, the total amount of recommended coverage depends on your driving habits. If you are planning on keeping your car for any length of time, more coverage is always recommended because it will keep you car looking new and increase the resale value. If you are driving a lot of highways the front end is recommended. If you have a track ready car coverage amounts will depend on where and how you race.

How long will clear bra last for?
Clear bra can last for the lifetime of the vehicle, but the clear bra will need to be maintained. With proper matinance, clear bra will look perfect for the life of the car.

How do i maintain my clear bra?
The main concern when maintaining your clear bra is keeping it clean. You should wash your car about once a month, then polish the clear bra with specialized cleaner. Never wax your clear bra – waxing will cause it to fade and change color.

How long does it take to install clear bra?
Clear bra install times will vary depending on the amount of coverage and difficulty of the car. On average it will take half to a full day to install. On our basic option the clear bra can take a little over an hour, and on our Ultimate Extreme wrap it can take as long as a week. When we install clear bra on motorcycles, it will range anywhere from an hour to three weeks, again depending the the total coverage and difficulty of the bike.

Why does clear bra turn yellow and crack?
The main reasons are cheaply-made products or improper maintenance. We use only the highest-quality clear bra, so you never have to worry about our clear bra degrading over time as long as it’s properly maintained.

What warranties do I have with my clear bra?
With the standard 3M you will have a 5 year warranty, and with Defen-zall you will have a 7 year warranty. These warranties protect against everything but physical damage. You will have a lifetime warranty on all workmanship through Extreme Autoworks. The manufacturers will cover peeling, cracking, yellowing, and any type of bubbling for the 5-7 years they offer.

What types of clear bra material do I have to choose from?
At Extreme Autoworks, we stock all of the high-end clear bra films. You will have the option to choose between 3M, Defenz-all, VentureShield, and Expel clear bra. Each clear bra has pros and cons for your individual application. When you stop by for a quote, an Extreme Autoworks representative will go over all of the options with you for your car and select the best material for your specific needs.

What can you cover with clear bra?
Clear bra can be installed on any smooth or painted surface. Extreme Autoworks has installed clear bra on mountain bike frames, road bike frames, classic restored cars and trucks, oil filters, cell phones, and much much more.

Can you clear bra motorcycles?
Yes. Extreme Autoworks has installed clear bra on any type of bike or motorcycle you can imagine, and we even have some demo bikes at our shop that you can view to assure yourself of our handiwork.

If i put clear bra on my headlights will it cause any damage to be done?
No. Clear bra is designed to protect anything it covers. We even recommend installing clear bra on headlights, to help protect them from wear and tear, as well as fogging; however, clear bra is not recommended for high-output offroad lights, as the heat from the light can build up and damage the bra.

What is the difference between pre-cut kits, cut-to-fit clear bra, and wrapped edges?
Pre-cut clear bra will cover most of your car, but will often leave edges exposed to damage. Our standard option, our cut-to-fit clear bra, gives you full protection from the road, thanks to our highly trained and fully certified installers. Upgrading to wrapped edges will give you 100% coverage for every exposed edge and corner, giving you the maximum protection we can offer.

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