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When Your Vehicle Needs Clearbra Kits


If you are searching for the best way to save time and money on a do-it-yourself pre-cut 3M clear bra kits, Extreme Autoworks is the place to go! Please check out some of the options we offer: Pre-Cut 3M Clear Bra Kits and Paint/Interior Protection Systems Kits.

We here at Extreme Autoworks offer our clear bra kits to fit exactly what you need! The need for paint protection in Colorado and the Denver Metro Area is becoming more and more common. Some people say that because a bumper is plastic it will not need to be covered and that it will not chip but unfortunately, the bumper is the one painted section that needs potection the most. The bumper takes most of the damage from dirt and debris that other cars throw up in the air. At Extreme Autoworks our pre-cut 3M clear bra kits material can cover the full bumper and in one continuous piece We are able to give your car the best protection for your money.

At Extreme Autoworks we also have car window tints kits. We have found that there are other companies selling pre-cut window tint kits for you to put on your vehicle but do not heat shrink the window tint for you. Extreme Autoworks has found it is very important to pre-heat-shrink the window tint, to ensure that a first-time installer, does not come across too many problems installing the window tint. Heat shrinking must be requested and is an additional charge.

At Extreme Autoworks we also have Refurbished Headlight Kits. We can help you get those headlights back to looking new for a fraction of the cost of new ones. Our process is the best one available for restoring headlights. We will teach you how to do it yourself when you buy a Refurbished Headlight Kit from Extreme Autoworks.

An additional option at Extreme Autoworks are our paint/interior protection systems kits. We use Trident paint and interior protection systems and can make you a kit! Trident formula’s protect your paint far longer than any other wax or polish on the market! It preserves your vehicle’s appearance, reduces maintenance time and cost, and it increases your vehicles resale value by protecting your investment. Trident protects your paint 20x-50x longer than the competitors, eliminating the need to reapply a protection product repeatedly. Trident has developed a polish system that uses high quality, durable acrylic elements; it is an expensive, high quality, and superbly engineered product. Trident fills the pores of the paint with a unique resin. This forms a barrier that prevents penetration of any other elements. Trident also contains an acrylic that is a hard, durable, anti-static, transparent, protective layer and gloss enhancer. This gives the product depth of shine, durability, corrosion protection, spot resistance and excellent detergent resistance.