Frequently Asked Questions

Window Tint Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact us directly.

How long does it take to tint my windows?

How long does it take to for my tint to cure?

How long do i have to keep my windows up after I get them tinted?

What do I use to clean my windows?

What warranty do I have on my tint?

What is the difference between computer cut tints, and hand cutting tints?

What is the difference between cheaper tints, and Extreme Autoworks tints?

What is a “color stable dye” window tint?

What is a semi-metalized window tint?

What is a fully metalized window tint?

What is a ceramic window film?

What is a metal dye hybrid film?

What is the legal limit for Colorado window tint?

What happens if I get pulled over for an illegal window tint?

How hard is it to remove window tint?

Does the tint go on the inside or the outside of the windows?

How easily does window tint scratch?

What will the tint look like after it’s been installed on my car?

What type of tint would look best on my vehicle?

What does window tint offer for protection for the interior of the car?

How can window tint protect me in the event of an accident?

Can I get prescription window tint?

Clear Bra FAQs

What is Clear Bra?

How does Clear Bra work?

What do I need to cover on my car?

How long will Clear Bra last for?

How do I maintain my Clear Bra?

How long does it take to install Clear Bra?

Why does Clear Bra turn yellow and crack?

What warranties do I have with my Clear Bra?

What types of Clear Bra material can I choose from?

What can you cover with Clear Bra?

Can you Clear Bra motorcycles?

If I put Clear Bra on my headlights will it cause any damage to be done?

What is the difference between pre-cut kits, cut to fit Clear Bra, and wrapped edges?