Home & Business Window Film


Everything in your house is just right. You’ve remodeled, redecorated and restyled your home; but, you forgot to protect your floors, furniture, art and precious belongings from the harsh rays of the sun.

Your business is doing good. You’ve got great employees but the office gets uncomfortably warm in the summer months. Progress slows and utilities go up. The bottom line shrinks.

Without Huper Optik window film it is only a matter of time before the interior of your home and all of your belongings start to deteriorate due to UV exposure. It takes only one hot day to see the effects in your office. You have felt the UV rays on your skin and do everything to protect yourself, right? Why not protect your home and business too.  Besides protection from harsh UV rays, you will save hundreds per year on utilities. Extreme Autoworks and Elite Sun Solutions are your destination in Colorado for Huper Optik window film. We have been serving Colorado for over 20 years, installing automotive, residential, and commercial window film. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Residential and commercial window tinting in Colorado is very important. In a state where we are one mile closer to the sun, the amount of UV damage on furniture and floors can fade and ruin your belongings in a matter of years.  The infrared that makes up for more than half of the heat that radiates through your windows keeps your air conditioning running, raises your utilities and drains your wallets. This is why home and business tinting is a very popular investment in Colorado.  Residential and commercial window films by Huper Optik block 99.9% UV rays to prevent fading; Huper Optik window tinting gives high infrared rejection to block out the abundance of heat, and to reduce high energy bill utilities from AC during the summer months. Huper Optik window film also helps insulate during the winter months. This is truly an amazing product.

Here in Colorado it is important to keep the natural warmth in winter time, this has come to be a great concern with our customers, and that is why we are proud to be the only Huper Optik dealers in Colorado. When it comes to home tinting with clear tint, Huper Optik dominates with is infrared rejection, its durability, and its clarity. Huper Optik is the pioneer in nano-ceramic technology; ceramic tint gives an astounding heat rejection for the natural clarity it provides.  Coupled with its dual UV protection it is able to retain warmth in the winter and allow natural light to shine through while rejecting the abundance of heat in the summer.

Home tinting as of October 8 is getting a 30% tax credit!  This means whatever you invest on residential window tint you will get 30% of the subtotal back. So along with the money you will save on utilities, your return on investment could be in as little as one year when you include your tax credit.

View from inside with  Huper Optik Ceramic 40 window film.

We serve all Colorado; here are some locations we have been recently, within the last few months Elite Sun Solutions has installed home tinting in Lakewood, Denver, Arvada, Aurora, Littleton, Broomfield, Golden, Boulder, Longmont, Loveland, Greeley, Fort Collins, Pine, Parker, Evergreen, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, Fort Lupton, Colorado Springs, and several other locations in Colorado.

No home is too small and no job is too big to benefit from home tinting, our entire tint comes with a lifetime warranty, for commercial jobs Huper Optic gives a 15-year warranty.