How Long Does It Take For Window Tint To Cure

The amount of time needed for window tint to cure will vary depending on what type of film is used and the temperatures the car is exposed to. With our standard window films, we have noticed that our curing periods will range from 2 weeks to 30 days. If the car is parked outside in the direct sun curing times will be reduced. If you have your car tinted during the winter months you man notice the window film will take longer to cure. The hotter the temperature is the faster the tint will cure, the colder the temperature the longer the cure time will be. When Huper Optiks window film is applied the high amount of heat rejection will work against the curing process. Window tint needs heat to cure, with the heat rejection aspect of Huper Optiks it slows down the curing time and can take up to 3 months to fully cure. When Huper Optiks is applied during the winter months curing times will be increased. 

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