How long does it take to tint my windows? 

Window tinting can be a lengthy process, the overall time frame for a window tint job will depend on the size of the car but with traditional film the average time will be 2 hours to a full day. When you shop around you will get quotes for tint shops that can have your car tinted in an hour, but with Extreme Autoworks we spend the time to make every window perfect. With the Solamatrix window films, they are more durable, thicker, and last longer that other brands. With a thicker film the install time increases. All of our tints will be cut out with our film cutting software, that way there is zero damage due to any installer error. At Extreme Autoworks we do not rush any job, and we will spend the proper time on every job to make it as close to perfect as possible. For any car we tint we will ask to have the car for the majority of the day, but we will always call when the car is ready to be picked up. For our Huper Optiks window film line, we ask to keep the car for a full day. With the technology of Huper Optiks film line, install times are considerably increased. With the increased difficulty we will spend more time to get the window perfect, so your tint will look clean and clear the first time. 

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