Scratched Glass Repair

Extreme Autoworks is the Premiere Shop for Scratched Glass Repair.

Scratched glass can be a permanent form of graffiti that ruins the first impression when customers come to your home, business or store front. At Extreme Autoworks we pride ourselves in our ability to buff away scratches without leaving it distorted and wavy while remaining cost efficient for our customers. We here at Extreme Autoworks have found a unique buffing system that has proven to be one of the best techniques in Colorado.

Extreme Autoworks has saved many buildings and thousands of dollars by installing anti-graffiti film. It is an invisible barrier that takes all beatings of graffiti, tagging, and glass etching. With anti-graffiti film the glass isn’t exposed to these permanent afflictions. If the glass were to ever break, the anti-graffiti film helps hold the shards safely together to prevent injury and to keep outside elements from coming in. Having Extreme Autoworks install our anti-graffiti film is a cost-effective way to protect your property and prevent the need to replace expensive glass.

Stop spending high prices on glass repair. Protect yourself before it happens!