SONAX Paint Protection Systems


Here at Extreme Autoworks we use Sonax paint and interior protection systems. Sonax formula’s protect your paint far longer than any other wax or polish on the market! It preserves your vehicle’s appearance, reduces maintenance time and cost, and it increases your vehicles resale value by protecting your investment. Sonax protects your paint 20x-50x longer than the competitors eliminating the need to reapply a protection product repeatedly. Sonax has developed a polish system that uses high quality, durable acrylic elements; it is an expensive, high quality, and superbly engineered product. Sonax fills the pores of the paint with a unique resin. This forms a barrier that prevents penetration of any other elements. Sonax also contains an acrylic that is a hard, durable, anti-static, transparent, protective layer and gloss enhancer. This gives the product depth of shine, durability, corrosion protection, spot resistance and excellent detergent resistance.

The Sonax system utilizes nano technology, expanding into the pores of the paint to provide a very smooth surface which helps minimize the build up of dirt on the surface and provide a deeper, longer lasting shine. Sonax blends elements to provide a chemically stable protectant that resists environmental, organic and inorganic chemical attacks to the painted surface. Also by using Sonax you may never have to wax your car again. It gives it a deep glossy luster all the time. Tree sap and insect acids won’t be a problem anymore.  It protects paint from fading and oxidation due to harmful UV rays. Sonax also has formula’s for use with fabric, leather and vinyl. Stains do not set and they are easier to remove.  Liquids bead on the surface for easy clean up without leaving stains or dulling fabric. It also eliminates cracking, fading, and discoloration due to UV damage.

Vinyl & Leather Interior Protection
The interior of our vehicles are subjected to ultraviolet rays from the sun, low humidity, and temperature extremes that can cause leather and vinyl surfaces to dry, crack, fade, and discolor. This diminishes the appearance and value of your investment. Sonax Leather and Vinyl Protectant provides a protective barrier against the elements which helps maintain the appearance of your dash, seating surfaces and makes clean-up easier, as well.

Fabric Protectant Interior Protection
Fabric protectants won’t keep your latte from dripping, your children from spilling drinks or dirty shoes from coming along for the ride, nor will they prevent cleaning up after all of life’s little messes just mentioned. Sonax Fabric Protectant will, however, make cleaning up after these unavoidable instances much easier. The polymers in Sonax formula create a coating that seals the fibers on the surface while still allowing the surface to breathe. This prevents dirt and other potential stains from penetrating the fabric, allowing for proper removal before the stain becomes permanent. With proper cleaning and vacuuming of the fabric and carpet surfaces of your vehicle, messes inside your vehicle become memories and not permanent reminders.