Vinyl Vehicle Wraps and Vinyl Install

At Extreme Autoworks we can custom install any vinyl vehicle wraps or decals onto your own vehicle! Whether it is a decal you purchased online or an in-house custom creation, we can install it for you. We are here to help you customize your vehicle to fit your specific needs and wants. We can use your existing design, including your own logos and colors. We can create something awesome for you.

We have an in house graphic designer, and we can print any custom vinyl design you are looking for. Give us a call or come in today to see how we can customize your ride. You won’t be sorry!

Vinyl wraps first appeared as a way to display advertising on cars, trucks, and vans. These eye-catching ideas are sure to get you the attention you’re looking for! Today, many luxury car owners use a solid color vinyl vehicle wrap as a replacement for painting an entire car. Expensive custom paint jobs can be replaced quickly and easily with a specialized design created to your exact specifications.

Do you have:

  • a unique company logo?
  • special company colors?
  • a new business you’d like to advertise?
  • a small business that needs more attention?
  • an online-only business?
  • seasonal or special promotions?
  • a special company mascot?

If so, a custom vinyl vehicle wrap may be what you need to kick your business into high gear! Imagine driving a moving billboard that advertises your business every moment you’re on the road. We can make that happen, with any design you choose!

Do you have

  • a luxury car that needs protection from chips and scratches?
  • a favorite color, color scheme, or gradient?
  • a drawing or graphic you’ve created that needs to be seen?

If so, a custom vinyl vehicle wrap may be exactly what you’ve been waiting for!

Check out some of our high-quality vinyl vehicle wraps:

What are your terms and conditions for vinyl wrap installation?
You can find our terms and conditions here.