What is Clear Bra?


Clear bra is a Polyurethane film that offers protection from all of the damaging aspects of the road. When it comes to clear bra you have many different types of clear bra, but all options will obtain the same protection. The difference between different types of clear bra is the construction and overall look will vary between manufacturers. 3M is the most know clear bra, but there are other products that are equal in quality if not supieror. 


Clear bra is a plastic film that is specifically designed to absorb any type of projectile eliminating the stone and rock chips seen on cars after a few years. Clear bra is an 8 mil thick film, designed to take the shape and contour of any painted surface. When maintained properley, clear bra will last for the lifetime of the vehicle, clear bra is not a maintnence free product. 

When  Maintaining clear bra you never want to wax the bra. Waxing the clear bra will seal up the pores of the material and cause it to fade. Use only Extreme Autoworks approved materials for proper maintinence.