what is the difference between pre-cut kits, cut to fit clear bra, and wrapped edges?


When you choose the pre-cut or computer cut clear bra opiton you eliminate all blades touching your car, but you will have an average of a 14 in. from the edges of the covered section exposed to damage. Computer cut clear bra will cover a good portion of the covered section but you will still have damage done. 

Extreme Autowork’s cut to fit clear bra is custom fit to your specific car, we give you full protection from the road, all of our installers are fully traind and fully certified to custom fit clear rba to any car. This is the standard option for Extreme’s clear bra installations. 

When you upgrade to the wrapped edges you will have max coverage, you will have 100% of the hood’s exposed edges covered and protected. You will have the most protection possible from any and all road debris.