Window Film By Huper Optik


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Conserve energy and save money on heating and air conditioning; increase the comfort level of your home or business, protect interiors from fading and people from damaging UV rays with Huper Optik nano ceramic window films. NOT ALL WINDOW FILMS ARE CREATED EQUAL! Here at Extreme Autoworks we offer Ultra High-End window films. Huper Optik makes our top of the line window films. Huper Optik is a German technology window film company, but made here in the USA. It is very important to us that our customers understand how this new window film came about.


To Find out what the UV damage is for each day click here on UV index to be best protect you and your famaily each day.


Huper Optik first looked at traditional dyed and metallic window tints to see what they liked and disliked about them to get the best product in the marketplace. They first looked at the color stable dye and found that they liked the looks of it, but did not like how the color stable dye would turn purple over time and it also does NOT have any heat rejection. The next type of tint they looked at was the metal window tints that were made with aluminum particles spattered throughout the film.  The good part of those window tints was that it had good heat rejection; the bad part was that it looked too much like a mirror. It was also found that the aluminum caused problems with radio reception, navigation devices, cell phones, and anything else that needed a signal.  So Huper Optik took all of that data and came up with nano-ceramic film which is the pioneer of the ceramic window films. NASA uses this technology on the shuttles ceramic tiles to deflect the heat when the shuttle is returning back to earth. They put that same nano-ceramic technology into a window film and called it Huper Optik. The great part of the new technology is that it has NO dyes so it can never turn purple or even change any color at all, it also has NO aluminum in it so it does not interfere with signal or frequency.  The best part of this window film is the heat rejection and clarity, which are both far superior to any other tint on the market.  However, the thing we like the best about this film is the aesthetics. The look is one of a kind. There is no other film that can touch this window film and it’s warranty.  The best part about  having Extreme Autoworks install you new Huper Optik film is that we have had the film in are establishment sence 2002.

View from inside with Huper Optik Ceramic 40 window film.

When you are looking to get a professional window tinting job done, Huper Optik is the best choice, so don’t be fooled by imitation tints called nano ceramic. With Huper Optik  they have two lines of ceramic and a select line of window films to choose from.
1.  Huper ESC line (Energy Saver Ceramic) has two shades to choose from 45% or 35%; it has a single layer of UV protection and has a clear bluish green look to it.
2. Huper Ceramic line has five shades to choose from 60%, 50%, 40%, 30% and 20%. It has two layers of UV protection, which includes UV A and UV B from entering through your windows that have the film on them. This film has more of a grayish charcoal look to it.
3. Huper Select line has three shades to chose from. ACHT(77%), SECH(59%) and DREI(35%). This is the top of the line in the Huper Optiik line of films.  You are asking yourself what makes this any better than the other two lines?  The answer is the select line has gold and silver particles in the window film to give even more performance.  The good part is it is NOT like aluminum were it looks shiny so that means that you can have a lighter looking film on your windows and have a higher performance than darker looking tints. This is great for everyone not wanting to go dark but needing the performance of the darker films.
Huper Optik window films are able to help greatly reduce your interior temperature, which makes it increasingly more comfortable in your car.  It would be one of the best investments that you can make, since we are spending more time than ever in our cars these days.  Since you are able to reduce the heat coming in you reduce the usage of your A/C and in return increases the gas mileage of your vehicle. So please come in to our shop today to experience one of our heat rejection demos were you could see and feel the difference between traditional window tint and new technology window films.