When the last leaf of the trees fall and the surrounding gets even colder, we pull out our thick coats from our closets to prepare ourselves for the coming of winter. We need to wrap ourselves with thick garments for us not get sick. But did you know that in winter your car needs a coat too to protect itself? Yes, you read that right! Your car needs a blanket because, with the road salt in winter, there’s a possibility of severe rust damage in its underparts. Prepare them for the first heavy snow with undercoating.

How road salt damages your car
Road salting reduces and prevents weather-related collisions during the winter. Adding salt onto the road decreases the freezing point of water and thus prevents the accumulation of snow that causes vehicular accidents. It’s mainly for road safety but it’s not car-friendly because the salt encourages rust formation especially in the underparts of your cars. When the salt in the road comes into contact with the undercarriage it creates chemical reactions that corrode any exposed metal. The formation of rust is like an infection which when neglected can bring great damage.

5 Reasons to Undercoat Your Car

1. Prevents Rust Formation and Corrosion
In winter, your car is more susceptible to rust formation and thus corrosion because of the presence of salt on the road. This salt is like a virus that when comes into contact with your car can create infections and greater damage.

2. Prolongs the Car’s Life
Adding a protective layer to your car can not only prolong its life by preventing rust formation and corrosion but by protecting the engine and transmission as well. It can also prevent scratches and dents in the undercarriage brought by gravel, road debris, and small pebbles that can possibly damage your car.

3. Reduces Interior Noise
The added layer can also help soundproof the interior of your car. It quiets mechanical sounds for you to enjoy a peaceful and safe ride.

4. Provides Stability to the Car
The extra weight of the undercoating provides stability to your car which can help prevents unwanted future accidents.

5. Adds Value to the Car
An undercarriage with undercoating will increase the value of your car especially when you’re planning on selling it in the future.

Of course, these benefits will only be possible with a high quality of spray undercoating. Worry no more because Extreme Autoworks will do the job for you ensuring that your car gets all these benefits. Extreme Autoworks is not just another ‘shop’ for spray undercoating but they are experts in this field. They have been offering their service in the mid-90s for cars, trucks, RVs, and motorcycles in and around Lakewood, Colorado. They are known for their high-quality service and passion for cars. They educate first the customers about all the available options that they have to make informed decisions about their vehicles. Not only that but they offer customized solutions based on what you specifically need.

At Extreme Autoworks, a superior, wax-based formula is used in spray undercoating. This formula contains no tar-like ingredients that attack body coatings but instead contain special additives to provide super adhesion and resilience with no dripping at high temperatures or being brittle in sub-zero weather. Your car deserves a high-quality blanket for the upcoming winter. Go get it at Extreme Autoworks. Visit https://extremeaw.com/services/spray-undercoating/ to learn more.

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