Extreme Autoworks is putting its competitors in the shade with a window film tinting process that exceeds industry standards and leaves drivers reflecting on an excellent service.

Extreme Autoworks has been in the window film and clear bra industry for more than 25 years and offers various high-end window tinting films including color-stable dyes, carbon, single layer ceramic and dual-layer ceramic tints.

”We stand apart from the “industry standard” because our work sets the standard for quality work that’s far superior to every other shop,” said Michael Dunwoody, owner of Lakewood company.

As the sun is an ever-present all year round in Colorado, Extreme Autoworks’ films do more than giving the appearance of tint. They offer UV protection, heat and glare reduction against the sun’s harmful rays.

Extreme Autoworks stocks only the best film in the industry, Huper Optik. Huper Optik window tinting is in a class of its own as NASA initially designed it for its spaceships. Huper Optik is a ceramic non-dyed tint that can block up to 70% of the heat on a sunny day.

The company is so confident of your business they even offer a tinting demo in person. “Because there’s a difference between window tints, and the quality of work from other shops varies, it’s best to be informed before you buy,” he added.

“We take great pride in all our work from beginning to end and guarantee your vehicle will not leave our establishment until all the work is completed to our high standards, providing a quality job you can be proud of.”

The window tinting process takes about three hours, depending on the tinting chosen. Higher-end dual-layer ceramic films take longer to install and, depending on the vehicle, can take a full day.

Their teams carefully clean every possible area to prevent any dirt or debris from ending up in the window tint, and they protect the door panels, so there will be no soapy residue left when the job is complete.

Extreme Autoworks computer cut their window tinting to match windows to reduce the possibility of damage and use a proprietary method of leaving no line or seam at the top of the window.

To book an appointment, call: 303-233-0033 or for further information about their window tinting process and services, view https://extremeaw.com/.

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