Get the Hint! Extreme Autoworks Offers Best in Car Window Tints

November 9, 2021 0

Extreme Autoworks is putting its competitors in the shade with a window film tinting process that exceeds industry standards and leaves drivers reflecting on an excellent service. Extreme Autoworks has been in the window film and clear bra industry for more than 25 years and offers various high-end window tinting films including color-stable dyes, carbon,…

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5 Reasons Why Your Car Needs Undercoating For Winter

October 9, 2021 0

When the last leaf of the trees fall and the surrounding gets even colder, we pull out our thick coats from our closets to prepare ourselves for the coming of winter. We need to wrap ourselves with thick garments for us not get sick. But did you know that in winter your car needs a…

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10 Things You Should Never Pay for at a Car Dealership  

September 11, 2021 0

At any dealership, the price on the car window is not the price you’ll pay for the vehicle. Taxes, fees and other add-ons can inflate a final bill of sale by thousands of dollars. But contrary to what the dealership insists, you can decline and remove many of these costs. First things first, you have…

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How much does good window tinting cost?

September 9, 2021 0

The sight of a Marlboro Red exterior of that gleaming coupe during golden hour strikes you. It is parked outside the mall, next to your ride, and the reflection of the sun on the perfect curves and the menacing look call you. You walk some steps towards it, get closer, take a walk around it,…

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Is Window Tinting Right For Your Car?

August 6, 2021 0

Window tinting is a common addition to many vehicles, whether you own a car, truck, or SUV. Sometimes, you may be a new or used car that comes with tinted windows. However, suppose you do not have tinted windows and are considering this addition to your vehicle’s glass. In that case, there are a few…

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What is Window Tint?

July 9, 2021 0

When you think of window tint, images of fast, modded cars may come to mind, but window tint can also be used in your home. It is a glazing solution that is designed to be retrofitted to your windows and can provide you with a host of benefits for cheap. How to apply window tint  The window tint is a…

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Window Tinting Lakewood

March 17, 2021 0

There are tons of reasons why you’re better off tinting your car’s windows, some of them ranging from simple aesthetic beauty to more concerning health reasons. However, before going to any auto shop, what you need to ask yourself is: am I getting the highest quality window tint film for my car, and is the…

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