Window tint is not only here to give you privacy, but it also helps you protect your eyes. Sun rays can be very damaging to your eyes, especially for people who drive their car daily from work and back during the day hours. As the weather changes and we get into the winter season, the sun will be much lower, so its UV rays will hit us harder and put a lot more pressure on our eyes and skin. How many times have you seen your hand after driving for a long time to see it get darker? Image what it is doing to our eyes.


One of the long-term side effects of direct UV rays is cataracts. For people that don’t know, cataracts are when clouding starts to happen around the lens of your eye. This can lead to impaired vision, such as forming a halo around bright items such as car headlights and lamps and can also lead to blurry vision. Even though cataracts happen gradually, it is crucial to protect yourself from UV rays. Make sure to wear sunglasses and have your car windshield tinted, as it will block out most of the UV rays and keep your eyes safe.


One of the more common eye problems we see when exposed to excessive sunlight is photokeratitis. This happens mostly to people who look at the solar eclipse without any eye protection. Still, it can easily happen to people who are not protecting their eyes from the sun. It is essentially a sunburn for your eyes and can be rather challenging to deal with for a couple of days. You can expect to notice blurred vision, excessive blinking, and many other side effects. This can also affect your work if you spend time on the computer, so make sure to protect your eyes by getting your windshield tinted this winter. 

Could Increase Risk of Some Cancers

We all know how bad the sun can be for our eyes, which is why we must make sure to wear sunscreen and reduce heavy sun exposure to our eyes. One of the common issues we see is the development of macular degeneration, which will leave you with weakened or no vision. This is a very serious disease, and it develops over time, so it would be best to start protecting your eyes right away before it is too late. One of the best ways is to get the windshield tinted, as it will block out most of the UV rays when driving. 

What Is The Next Step?

Now that you know the importance of protecting your eyes from the UV rays, especially during the winter when the sun is lower and the UV rays are strong. Make sure to get your windshield tinted at, as they will take care of your needs. Not every company can produce the same level of work as Extreme Autoworks, so make sure to get the best for your car and for your eyes. 

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