There are tons of reasons why you’re better off tinting your car’s windows, some of them ranging from simple aesthetic beauty to more concerning health reasons. However, before going to any auto shop, what you need to ask yourself is: am I getting the highest quality window tint film for my car, and is the film being applied professionally?

Before we tell you why you need to go to the best window tinting Lakewood auto shop, let’s first begin by telling you why you need to get the best window tinting film and how that might be the best investment you ever made regarding your health and your car.


Why is window tinting important in Colorado?

UV protection

Getting good quality window film can help block 99 % of harmful ultraviolet rays that would otherwise go through your car’s windows and harm you. Blocking these harmful UV rays helps protect your skin and reduces your risk of developing skin cancer.

Good quality window films also protect your eyes from damage by reducing the amount of glare that the windows would have produced otherwise. The film could also serve as protection for material inside your car, such as seat covers from fading and discoloration, maintaining your car interior’s new look and deep hues.


We all know how annoying sweltering temperatures can be. If you find yourself rolling down the window whenever you go for a drive, then it’s about time you applied the perfect solution: window film. Tinting your car’s windows have been known to help make cars cooler by up to 60 % in the summer.

Energy savings

You may be asking yourself, what has window film got to do with energy savings for my car? The answer is more straightforward than you’d imagine. The air conditioner spends 43 % to 47 % of your car’s energy output, and this affects 20 % of your car’s fuel consumption. Tinting your car’s windows with good-quality tint help significantly reduce this cost, especially if you find yourself making shorter trips.

Shattered glass protection

Window films can be a great plus when it comes to safety. A food-quality layer of window film could be your best ally if you get involved in an accident or an attempted break-in. If this happens, the window film is strong enough to hold shards of glass that would have otherwise harmed you.


Window film is also a great way to maintain your privacy. They can also be a great way to keep your valuables safe since they make it hard for people with malicious intent to see your valuables. The range of tint you choose determines the percentage of privacy you get. Tints that range from between 15 % to 30 % are quite dark, while those from 70% to 90% are relatively transparent.


Getting your customized tint done by reputable professionals could give your car that finished look that completes your new car and makes an older car look newer and cooler.


Window Tinting Lakewood

Because the sun in Colorado’s sun shines all year round, tinting your windows is something you’ll have to do sooner or later. However, the window film‘s quality and the quality of work done matter, which is why you need to be informed about the benefits of window tinting and why you need to choose the best auto shop for the job.

Our shop uses precision computer cutting technology when cutting window film, ensuring that you don’t get cuts or scratches on your car’s glass or rubber seals. We also have exclusive methods that we could use to ensure that no lines or seams are left at the top part of your car’s windows. Our services make your car’s tint look like the tint was added in the factory.

We also have enough experience to tell you with confidence that not all window tints are the same. Many differences separate basic tints from gold or platinum tints. Even though these tints will look almost similar, they may not provide you with the expected results. Choosing poor-quality window films could only cause you to have health problems and lead to more energy consumption.



If you are scouring for the best window tinting Lakewood, you could come to our store for the best and most informative, professional services. It shouldn’t matter how old your car is; it could still benefit from high-quality window tint films. Come over to our store and get your professional tint today!


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